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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day


“Let our lives be full of both thanks & giving.”

In our family, Thanksgiving is a favorite. It is a favorite because it puts us in a spirit of gratitude, not for one day but until the end of the year. It is a great time for us to reflect on the whole year and be in a state of gratitude. It is important for us to be grateful and thankful that day and EVERY day of our life. Life is a gift and it is up to us to treasure and live each day to the fullest. We are blessed with so much that our mind truly can’t fathom because that’s all we know.


God is so good! His mercies are new each day! That alone is such a gift. It is up to us to unwrap that every day and not only be thankful for them but also use those blessings that we have been given!

”The cheerful heart has a continual feast.”
Proverbs 15:15

Looking back on this year, I am truly thankful for so many things. Thankful to God for the blessings, for the lessons, for the challenges, and for the unforgettable memories & moments we created. This year has been big for me. I have been learning so much about who I am in Christ and His love for me. That is something I have grown up knowing, but this year God has been revealing His own heart to me on a completely different level. A way I haven’t experienced before. There have been changes in our family, a lot of new milestones and a lot of “firsts”. Elliott started school, took on many projects, made a lot of meaningful friendships, as well as some challenges and trials along the way. I cannot express my thankfulness to God for my brother, who had a near-death life situation. I’m so grateful for His mercy! Today my brother is alive and well and through this, God has been really working on my heart. Through all these seasons, God is teaching me to be thankful and trust HIM only; not myself or my weak abilities, but through Him who gives me strength. Thank you Jesus for giving me more than I deserve!

This was the best turkey my parents have ever made! Somehow, every year it just gets better & better!

This was the best turkey my parents have ever made! Somehow, every year it just gets better & better!

Here are some snipets of our Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We always do two parties in one day, one with my family and one with my husband’s side of the family. Both of the parties were spent with people we love the most and are the dearest to our hearts. The kids have grown up much to where we can finally sit peacefully at the table without having to run off and keep things in check. It was a sweet time gathered. Thankful for family and the time we have together.


My dad has always loved being in the kitchen and it’s the cutest thing! He does half of the cooking in the house because he enjoys the process.


Really thankful this guy is alive and well!